Review: 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupé

Posted on 11. Apr, 2012 by in Auto News

We do at least two dandies on staff who look to Beau Brummel Christian Audiger, what with their Zegna blazer and tailored shirts and handmade shoes and watches not Even a calculator. In the ordinary course of things, I'll leave it in place to grow well manicured hands eloquently on the concept of style.

As far as I'm concerned, are clothes just something to stop me
(A) Freeze
(B) arrested.

But even with such a clear disclaimer my limited area where fashion is concerned, I found it necessary to point out, feel at least a simple rule: if you are wearing all day turned a baseball cap walking around backwards, you'll like look a fool. Or Fred Durst.
Wait, that's redundant.

I think you can see where I am going with this. Mini latest model does not exist, because it is much better handling, faster or even lighter than the Classic Cooper, whence it sprang, but because it stylier. How do you make more style in it.

I hesitate to many calumnies cast, and definitely some fat ginger, but I'd say the results are a bit … mixed. Surely, dear reader, the eyes are obsessed to come to their own conclusions on the matter. I think it looks like someone sat on it.

Nor from many corners of the MINI Coupé is actually not too bad looking. If you. Put the deployable spoiler for example Or watch your feet.

And if getting attention is your thing, then good news! I once actually my tester returned to two ladies who found a spontaneous photo session with him. Granted, it was a bit more than Absolutely Fabulous America's Next Top Skeleton: Apparently Grandma is a Limp Bizkit fan

But enough nattering about the looks, let's jump into the little tykes and 'er a rip off!

First: Who designed this interior, Flavor Flav? Or maybe Fisher-Price?

Second, who cares? Everything you've heard about a mini interior, you have to hear about all the other. They are cartoonish and fiddly and whatever the exact opposite of being ergonomic. Blergonomic.

In addition, the cut-down cockpit of the Mini Coupe and embrace the impossibility of additional rear blind spots like an Imperial Star Destroyer and a pillbox front view. If the light goes green yet? Better your head out the window to check. I'm not too great a person, but when the first in line at the traffic lights, I have learned to follow the lead of the cross traffic.

Check off a few more disadvantages, loading: pretty negligible. Ride quality: no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Mix in a back parcel shelf that rattles like an army of darkness can-can line and you might think I've lost the little two-seater mini love. But you'd be wrong.

Like a dream. As a go-kart. How is it on rails.

When it comes to the handling of stereotypes, make your choice and apply it to this newest member of the MINI range. Cooper S Coupé Just do not expect to make any sense.

This is not a go-kart: it Griffen over rough pavement instead skidded sideways like a skipping stone. And how goes around a curve on rails, Thomas the Tank Engine would flop over on his side at half grams that a Cooper S Coupé, while crawling runs through a corner.

Press the Sport button (why should one even?) And inspire the declarative * Pop-pop-pop * of improperly burned fuel. It is a joyous bloating, which must surely be artificial in some way, try considering our draconian emissions laws, but to keep the grin off his face. I dare ya.

Not a chance. As far as the Mini Coupé uneasy on the eyes and the greatly reduced practicality it offers absolutely by doggy enthusiasm, Rorty engine sound and hyperactive steering. It's hard to hate such a car, so why should you?

But here's the thing. The last time I visited Fat Camp… Uh … a manufacturer-sponsored Startup, I sat amazed at how a guy you journo the number of interesting ways in which listed his personal mini broken.

These ranged from "minor niggle" category – wonky signal lights, "just take all my money You Bastards" column – compressor failure, thousand dollar seat repair, ECU Fritzing. Mini is pretty ho-hum when it comes to any reliability survey, which could be of interest to mention, indispensable. It's almost as if BMW, with typical German lack of humor, has developed a bit of this British Leyland crappiness Charm in every little happy face Cooper.

And it is not, how can I pull the old standbys such as "more fun than cars can cost twice as much": the thing is more expensive than a WRX, and not just good optioned. I did not play the same game on the U.S. configurator, but in Canada, you can spend upwards of $ 45K, if you tick all the boxes. There are things more expensive by the pound, but not much, this is legal.

So expensive, unreliable, impractical, especially, is not particularly attractive and a bit uncomfortable. I can really recommend this latest mini?

Not fully, but – well, I guess it depends on your constitution. It should really say on the brochure, "we're nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat -. But it will be worth it," It's not a Honda Civic, but then to not be a Honda Civic.

We enthusiasts complain incessantly about the lack of soul of the modern automobile. About how we all share a little of that merciless Japanese reliability and efficiency for a spark of frivolity, a thrill of joy, a soupçon vitality. Now, with a mini, this is what you get.

Honestly, the only things that would be better Mini Coupé were in my opinion, if it was a little bigger maybe a useful hatchback. Maybe if it had two small seats in the back, just in case. Maybe if it looked a little more like the original Mini, and –


Oh I, see.

MINI unless the vehicle tested and insurance.