Review: Buick Verano Take Two

Posted on 15. Apr, 2012 by in Auto News

What is a Buick? Having saved the brand, GM must now figure out what to do with. Buick traditionally occupied the middle ground between Chevrolet and Cadillac, originally dangerously closer to the latter, but in the 1970s close to the former, which had extended upwards in step with arch-rival Ford Aesthetically Buicks have the yin yang was the Cadillac, curvier, less aggressive and potentially more attractive to women. (Or metrosexuals? Women Have you ever drive a significant number of RIVS and Park Avenue?) Logically, it should be a position in this position for a compact car. Some people do not want a soft style, upscale car but need a big car. But successfully fielding a car in this position was tricky. The Lexus HS is only a few hundred takers every month. Jaguar segment leave a few years ago. So where does the buck Verano comes in the lineup fits?


A car does not have to be nice to sell, but it does not hurt. Based on spy shots of prototypes I expected the Verano to be downright ugly. Too with a raked windshield and window of their necessary lettes jettisoning the proportions But in the form of production, with appropriately designed 18-inch alloy wheels (GM once the right size bike has the only size), the Verano is a nice car. No Jaguar, but certainly more attractive than the HS and more upscale than the Chevrolet Cruze (with whom they share a platform). But it's not the strikingly attractive car are it might have been. Many people will notice the compact Buick on the road? One of them is a "Gotta Have It" reaction? One thing is certain: The Verano will not appear on the Cadillac ATS enter the toes.


The Verano interior is not as nice as the Lexus, but a half-step from that of the Chevrolet Cruze. You'll find no cheap bits, but the point remains that this is not quite a premium car. While intelligent design style adds a soft touch face in the hard plastic dashboard, excessively harsh, overly thin door pulls seem pedestrian. The seats, although comfortable and supportive, sit back for lack of power. Also compact Mazda and Suzuki's hardly known for luxury makes offer this feature. Can a car "premium" be without them? Rear legroom is marginal for adults, even though plenty of space for your feet under the front seats helps. A non sequitur: the steering wheel is too thick, which could turn off many potential female buyers.


Luxury car buyers to not usually make runs to redline. But that's exactly the point: they do not want to go anywhere the need to feel close to the redline. Instead, they want a car to feel the acceleration and effortless feel for the machine, but do not hear. The Verano 180-horsepower 2.4-liter engine is more powerful than the Cruze's 138-hp 1.4 turbo, but it is naturally aspirated with a high (4,900 rpm) torque peak. 3,300-pound compact Buick moving fourhas rev. It is ready and able to do so, and with a minimum of sophistication, but as the styling of the engine not to inspire people to achieve their checks. GM also plans to offer the Verano with a 250-hp 2.0-liter turbo engine and this should be a better fit for the car mission.


So far we have nothing to make a new compact Buick sedan "must have", but nothing that is likely to be fatal. But then, as Ed Niedermeyer, in its thorough analysis of the Verano, there is fuel consumption. EPA ratings of 22 city and 31 highway not compare well at all to four-cylinder midsize car, much less other compacts. In S-driving, the trip computer is usually 20 to 25 reported having done high 20s with low lights and a feather-light right foot. Also, the two-ton, 240-hp, all-wheel-drive 528i costs a bit better. (In my real test, and on the window sticker) Of course, the Lexus HS sold poorly despite 35/34 reviews, so fuel consumption is not everything.

Ride and handling

The biggest surprise here is how the Verano rides and handles. It is stronger than a Chevrolet Cruze subdued. With nary a hint of the float, the Buicks once typical But driving the car is still comfortable, with admirable composure over uneven pavement. You feel and hear the bumps and impacts, but not too much (This is a very quiet car), and they are quickly dispatched.