Chevy Avalanche Road Trip: 3-State Detour

Posted on 16. May, 2012 by in Auto News

Day 2 had us waking up just outside of Chicago. The nice thing about a 31.5-gallon tank is that we have a full day of driving (at least 10 hours per day) to do it on a single tank. According to our computer, we were able to go about 570 miles, an average of about 18 mpg. Then we would not need to fill up as often as most people on the street (not the semi trucks go)

Nevertheless, with Midwest fuel prices hovering around $ 3.80 per gallon, we're talking about $ 100 every time we stopped. And thanks to my over-cautious credit card companies – which meant in general, I had the pump use back-to-back times to complete my tank – which automatically shut off my card in $ 75 and $ 95 increments, depending on the gas station like . Ugh.

Chicago, we drove north to an old high school friend that I had just learned that morning was in Madison, Wisconsin We were still on target to Lincoln, Nebraska, before getting to sleep that night, provided we are not hanging around too long.

We are in Madison for lunch time to come, so that the traffic would not be too bad. Unfortunately, there are a lot of road construction on U.S. Highway 12 in Madison, and I'm sure would be even more terrible traffic later in the afternoon. After a brief tour of my friends' house and man cave (I have one of them to get), we had a good lunch, which included a substantial dose of memories. Of course, I made sure that we do not say too many of the "wrong" stories with my daughter at the table, which seemed to be very interested in all.

Soon we were back in the direction of Interstate 80 for more westward progress until we stopped at the world's largest truck stop, just outside of Davenport, Iowa. For those who have never seen this place on TV or not had the chance to stop by, it should be on your bucket list. It's crazy.

Not only this place is great, but it has a semi truck and Trucking Museum, the largest truck customizing your store have ever seen, and more custom rigs in the parking lot, as you'll find anywhere in the world. And if you want great food and coffee selection, or home-cooked food, or a relaxing massage or a movie, you have everything you could want under one giant roof.

We will say, especially as we are a start later in the day due to our Madison detour that more than Iowa Nebraska border took forever it seemed got. These are long States, and it was not funny to the west at sunset, when you get another 2 hours on the road. Finally, we have it in Omaha, where we needed a quick fill-up (and to clean off all the dead bugs off our windshield and grille) to be ready to start tomorrow morning. I dragged my grumpy passengers for a photo here.

We have not much time to stop by and any sightseeing, but we have run through the birthplace of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, and Madison Country, famous for all those picturesque bridges. While this section was a good size storm southwest of us, so we had a constant headwind drives us about six hours since our drive. That had to hurt our fuel consumption. Average speed for the trip computer was 68 mph.

By the time we pulled into the hotel parking lot, the Cabela's was closed on the opposite side of the street. It would have been nice to spend some time, but we still had work to do at night, and probably a little more the next morning.

Two days drive and added nearly 1,500 miles to the Avalanche odometer with only three tanks of fuel. Not bad. Our fill-up in Wisconsin earlier in the morning, said the computer we average of 17.7 mpg, while our calculations told us we have 17.9 mpg. On this evening in Omaha, said our computer, we were on average 18.4 mpg, while our own calculations reported 17.2 mpg.

Next stop: the Rockies.