Dodge Dart’s Fashion-Forward Influence

Posted on 25. Jun, 2012 by in Auto News

If you had read anything about new Dodge Dart, you're doing a great job to avoid coverage of the brand's first compact sedan since the Neon. It is an extremely important model for a company that has seen success with minivans, SUVs and large sedans, but not much else. While many (including myself) of us a preconceived notion of Dodge's have a male brand, you will be surprised to hear that the dart inside has a distinctly feminine influence.

No, it's not pink. La Shirl Turner, the head of Chrysler color and trim studio is an inspiring and thoughtful mother of three boys, the youngest and the oldest in preschool through college. By necessity, she is an advocate for long-life, family-friendly interior surfaces, which do not have to sacrifice design standards, and they have found their way into the darts. You know, with that favorite pair of jeans that hide defects of all sorts go, everything and just last forever? Why not cushion them? The Dart has 14 available interior color and material schemes, including black denim upholstery on the SE model.

Dodge's re-entry into the small car segment, which comprises approximately 15% of the new car market. The company is trying its work for them, to Millennials and Boomers and feed all in between.

"The Black denim material shows [on the SE interior] that you can have a subtle, innovative materials in an entry-level price," Turner said. "The rally interior is unique to this model and are those who are more bold the opportunity to do so by dots of color on the main road will seat function fabric and the interior door trim pockets. This is where the Black and Ruby Red or Diesel Gray and Citrus Peel (pictured below) interior is appointed to those buyers who are braver, a little more fashion forward and want their car to reflect that. "

"The Limited model with leather interior, more of a traditional decor for the buyer that emerge not as interested, but wants to be a level of class and sophistication compared with boldness," she said.

The idea for the diesel Gray and Citrus Peel upholstery with bold contrast stitching design inspiration came from a scouting trip to a local mall by Turner and her team. While walking past a department store handbag section saw one of the designers a bag that caught her eye.

"There was a line of handbags and I was fascinated by the leather of material and colors. A member of my team came in a bag, and she was immediately look at the seams treatment, which was a dual-cast, but the thread was a . color for a row and a different color for the second row She was surprised at how cool it was impressed, and I immediately saw them and said: "Dodge. 'Each trim level on the Dart has a great history behind it from the exploration of different ways of life and products that I came, "she said.

Your work is not done though. Turner ideal vehicle would "allow me to change my inner mood with color and music, because she could feel what I felt when I sat in my seat, I could press a button and -. Voila – I have cool stuff during the Week. a romantic weekend with my husband or girls' night out, I would have a one-of-a-kind custom leather seat or a bad-to-the-bone for the drive to work, when I'm in "warrior mode . "

If you could speak directly to a vehicle interior designer, what would you ask in your next new car? Tell us in the comments below.

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