Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car-Obsessed Dad

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Every father spends much time in the car, driving carpool to school sports equipment, games or tutus drag to the recitals, or just commuting to and from work. Then there are the other fathers who spend their free time flirting in and around cars, tinker or even race. Since Father's Day is just around the corner, I have a list of little things for every father and every family put together the budget. Get shopping, there is not much time left!

About $ 10

California Dry Blade: $ 9.95 from Autogeek.net
For the car enthusiast in your life, the therapeutic comfort found in washing his own car, the California Dry Blade is a good option. The flexible medical grade silicone blade eliminates the need for towels and chamois, and a rapid drying of the car means less spots, too. Since drying produced a car with the dry blade 15 times less friction than dry with towels, its perfect for the frugal perfectionist, picky is his car the finish.
CommuteMate Cell Cup Auto Organizer: $ 10.09 from CyberGuys.com
Every parent knows how hard it can be to get the car the family organized. A cup holder organizer like this can be a big help. Foam fits in any car cup holder, and it can be a mobile phone, pens, keys or change to keep. Sorry to keep your sock drawer organized yet up to you.

$ 10 – $ 50

Retro Heated Travel Mug: $ 25.90 at Amazon.com
Want to sip the coffee drinking father, his morning java in style, this mug retro styling blends with modern technology. The 12-volt adapter to keep in his car the socket be hot drink cup and the temperature gauge lets him know when it's at the perfect sipping Temp.

Gear Shift Tie$ 40 of Uncommongoods.com
All of us, especially the car enthusiasts want in our lives, to support the economic growth of the auto industry, and this band is a great way to do it. Of artists in Detroit hand-screen printing, this binding is modeled after the shift knob of a VW GTI. It is made with water-based inks, cutting down on exposure to harsh chemicals.

$ 51 – $ 100

Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel for PlayStation 3: $ 99.99 at Amazon.com
The Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel for PlayStation 3 is the official wheel of the "Gran Turismo" and a great gift for the dad in your life gaming. Designed by driving enthusiasts have true-to-life road feel to recreate bumps, crashes and traction loss, especially through the steering wheel. And … is there a hidden agenda of this gift. The kids will definitely want to join in on all the fun PlayStation, so that Mom can enjoy free peacefully in the tub.

Garmin Nuvi: $ 88.44 at Amazon.com
The Garmin is perfect for the man in your life to stop for directions refuses, and its large color touch screen is easy to use on the go. My own father, who is in his 70s, has one of them, and even in his less experienced than technical condition he used it to get almost everywhere he goes. Are newer, feature-filled models on the market at a higher price, but this is a great bargain.

SuperTooth crystal: $ 69.00 from SuperToothStore.com
I remember my husband every day to pick up the phone while driving (and then at the same time I call him – of course, while he is driving – pick up a gallon of milk on the way home from work). This Bluetooth speakerphone solves this problem. It attaches to car visor via a magnetic clip and allows free calling to any vehicle. It has an automatic connection of up to two phones simultaneously and music streamed directly from any Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile phones and announces turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth A2DP-enabled smartphones.

$ 100 +

Pitstop Furniture Grand Prix Office Chair: $ 399.99 from Autogeek.net
If your husband has a separate home office or man cave (preferably one that you do not have to in the daily view), I'm sure he would be inspired by this racing strengthened office chair love complete with suspension spring, aluminum shift knob that adjusts The ergonomics of the chair and tire tread padded armrests.

Driving Experience: From $ 400 – $ 5,000
Bridgestone Winter Driving School or Skip Barber Driving Schools are a great way for fathers released safely inside their race cars and rally driver. I live in a snowy climate, so I love the Bridgestone Winter Driving Course in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but there are dozens of great driving schools across the country, the fathers can teach defensive driving skills of competitive races.

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