General Motors Waits to Implement J2807

Posted on 05. Jun, 2012 by in Auto News

Just when you thought everyone in the room would be mature about it, we're right back in elementary school.

GM issued a statement blaming "competitors" (meaning Ford) does not do the right thing and update its 2013 truck test procedures with revised towing and GCWR numbers, according to the new J2807 standards. As a result, says GM is "shift" its own full implementation of the standards and test methods for determining the maximum trailer weight and gross weight ratings on its cars does to everyone, although the company were released its 2013 Trailer load info to all the numbers recalculated.

This action is a direct response to earlier statements by Ford that the automaker will not realize are the J2807 standard to its full lineup of pickup trucks to its all-new models on the market, that's not likely in the foreseeable future.

We recently reported that SAE-Committee Born tests usually do not have any kind of legal teeth, and the group usually refers to the requirements only as "suggestions". In the recently published J2807 document (dated 23 May 2012), this 27-page document refers to the implementation date only once and said:

"This document specifies minimum performance criteria at GCWR and calculation methodology to tow vehicle TEC (total trailer weight) for passenger cars, multipurpose passenger cars and trucks to be determined. Purpose all vehicles are up to 13,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. It is recommended that the performance requirements for all vehicles Year title with 2013 or later adopt. "

Whether it is this interpretation that we wait until the model year 2014 or 2015, to pickup trucks (or SUVs and crossover for that matter) with truly comparable maximum towing capacity and GCWR numbers look for the Big Three truck manufacturer, we assume we have to wait and find out.

GM's statement is below:

GM Statement on SAE J2807

"General Motors is the postponement of the implementation of the new SAE J2807 trailer towing ratings for its vehicles, which should probably start in model year 2013. GM tested and ready for our ratings, the SAE standard and is ready to the new ratings in implementation We can do this do without consumer confusion about comparisons of vehicles commonly used for trailering.

For example, the main competitors will continue to use their existing ratings for 2013 model year pickups. Retaining our existing rating system reduces confusion for retailers and customers.

As always, customers need to determine the appropriate vehicle and trailering capacity of their needs in their particular situation, including the curb weight of their specific vehicle, the number of passengers they carry in fact, the actual support load for their combination, the amount of cargo in their vehicle, and the weight of the load they carry plan. Customers should follow the guidelines in trailering their instructions, ask your Chevrolet or GMC dealer trailering advice, or contact the Customer Assistance Offices for more information. "