Hyundai Generation Why Intramural League, First Place: 2013 Elantra GT

Posted on 28. Jun, 2012 by in Auto News

I can mock the occasional enthusiast infatuation with cars and hatchbacks, it's only because they're not a big deal for me that way. Two-box small and medium-sized cars (no crossovers or SUVs) are everywhere in my locale, to the point where they go unnoticed. But this is a worthwhile thrilled.

The Elantra sedan and coupe are nice cars, but drive a is like to hear Tyler Cowen sex.Driving talk the Elantra GT achieves the same kind of titilation, that women must feel when reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Not that I know of …

The basic guts of the Elantra GT with his two siblings, including the solid axle rear suspension is divided, but the whole package is so much more competent in the GT than the other two cars – such as how to get Khloe and Kim Kardashian on the same line, despite their completely different physique. While the other two cars, the hard (and really do not prod the driver) to resist pushed, the Elantra GT is as comfortable driving on the highway, as it is grabbed by the scruff of his neck.

Hyundai Elantra GT that had us go up and down a 5000 meter high mountain pass. A good job of exposing both the highlights and the deficiencies which live inside the car The biggest obstacle for the fast is the strange gap between the second and third gear, no doubt a concession to fuel economy. Up and down the mountain passes meant for a spirited pace, the car was often limited to rev close seconds. Bring an upshift to third parties would undermine the way out of the engine speed range, what valuable input we could extract from the Elantra GT and its 148 hp 4-banger.

If you are willing to keep them in seconds and let the speed fly are the Elantra GT is immensely rewarding. The chassis responds in a way that the Veloster and Elantra Coupe could only dream about. The brakes remained steadfast fade free throughout the entire track and the chassis inspires a ton of confidence in which the car driven more pressure than the other two Hyundais this week. The steering, long a sore point for the Koreans is much sharper than any front-drive Hyundai vehicle in the recent past.

There was a lot of hoopla about the driver selectable steering mode, a steering wheel mounted button, adjust, allows the weight and resistance of the electric power steering. Many of my program participants that the sport mode (has the feel) the only way to go. There is a significant difference in weight between Comfort, Normal and Sport, but the feedback is the same no matter what. Ultimately it is a gimmick, but one that makes the driving experience better. It may still not quite the Mazda3 in driving pleasure, the steering is a little dull, the chassis somewhat less enthusiastic (although the Hyundai 150 pounds lighter). But there are other advantages that make it a serious competitor Elantra GT.

The Elantra GT is an elegant, mature looking vehicle without frumpy. The Mazda3 looks absolutely hideous. Despite its many charms, the Mazda looks are enough to dissuade me from the property. The interior of the Elantra GT is also to be a much more pleasant place to stop with a higher quality of materials and a much more sophisticated design that succeeds even that overly complex. The rear seats fold completely flat like a minivan, and the rear seat is roomier than you'd expect.