Infiniti’s JX Takes Sting Out of Traffic Jams

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One day – sooner than you think – you will be able to a new car, the ride itself is quite capable of acquiring. Although it offers a few more years, many automakers elements, which are automated driving system. Infiniti new-for-2013. JX35 offers a taste of the technology

The radar, sonar, lidar, or light detection and ranging, cameras and brake / accelerator / steering actuators, which will include those systems already available on some of today's luxury cars series. An automated drive system remain out of reach for most car buyers for a while, but it's just some driver support systems always so widely thought of as electronic stability control and anti-lock braking system. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already proposed for the use of frontal collision warning systems and lane departure warning, and it is to them. Mandatory on vehicles of the future

We tested such a system on the 2013 Infiniti JX, which Nissan calls Distance Control Assist First on the 2009 Infiniti FX, DCA determines when braking is necessary to keep a certain distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It is calculated as a convenience tool to alleviate driver fatigue in heavy traffic situations, frequent braking is required, according to Nissan.

It is part of a series of available driving aids on the JX, including Lane Departure Prevention and Blind Spot Intervention, specific front and / or rear tire brakes to drive when the car starts or is in the process in another vehicle on the highway to merge. Unlike these systems, or the JX Forward Collision Warning, the DCA system to be tested in non-threatening situations.

My five-mile commute to work embodies the definition of grid lock. Every little bit of my trip on downtown streets, the city highway and neighborhood streets lined with the red color of the taillights. When I press the JX DCA button – it's on the steering wheel and looks like a car with sound waves all around him – surrounded it felt like an invisible force field the JX. The front sensor can detect vehicles up to 490 meters in front of you and can automatically adjust the throttle and the brakes (up to 25% of the vehicle's braking force). Depend to varying degrees on the driving speed by Nissan You have to go to work at least 3 mph for DCA. Within 5 or 10 minutes, I was completely hooked on the comfort feature.

With the DCA system – if you feel comfortable and assuming it's a vehicle that you can follow slowly – you almost never press the brake pedal … or at least I do not. When you release the mouse button, the accelerator, the DCA system will automatically start the JX, as the car in front of you brakes to slow down. If the vehicle pulls in front of you, let go of the brakes. It occurs when the vehicle after it to a complete stop, then the JX. A warning, however: the system will cancel after reaching a complete stop, then you will start to creep back on when the vehicle still in drive technology and you're not holding on to the brakes. The system of brakes was almost as naturally as if I were brakes, although I noticed a little more dive out of the suspension, as if I did it myself (which could only speak my superiority complex).

I was not the only person in love with the system. 's Managing Editor David Thomas said that DCA the next he is driving a real car for him. Not every editor was so keen though on the system. Others worried about the creation of a false sense of dependency, and I realized that. After a short usage I could see that someone is misusing DCA so they could text-and-drive, discourages the Nissan.

Nissan tried calling the problem by you, lift the accelerator for the system to work to alleviate. DCA provides help to the extent by applying resistance to the accelerator pedal, the driver signals to brake. If driver braking required in an emergency, the Forward Collision Warning system will enter into, even with a warning tone.

DCA technology is a testament to how quickly we come in just a decade, adaptive of the widespread acceptance of electronic stability control cruise control and self-parking systems and now DCA. Nissan's system is not yet mature, and quickly, because there is a Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal system, which will take over soon DCA and the car navigation system, enter DCA eyes set next sharp curves and other solid obstacles in the way.

Even more advanced systems from Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Volvo are either on the way or already here. Volvo tested recently, an advanced system that DCA is similar, on a convoy of Volvo's 125 miles traveling at a speed of about 52 mph, according to the BBC. We can not go without a driver, just yet, but self-driving cars are headed our way soon – just looking for ambitious self-driving Google car project.

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