Bench Seats Versus Captain’s Chairs

Posted on 23. Jul, 2012 by in Auto News

I waited for test drives the 2013 Ford Flex this week that I have it, go for years. Overall, my impressions are very favorable (for the full review stay tuned), with the exception of an important point. My test car came with a second row bench seat fitted so that the car seats seven in total. Captains chairs in the second row are also available, where the number of seats to six. While many families think they want the additional capacity that goes with a second row bench seat, I'm here to put you off, to save this error.

If you have children in child safety seats or booster seats, you are likely to put them in the second row of the outer positions where a parent, grandparent, guardian or carpool has drivers to help the simplest access to mount her and out and get bent and buckled. The problem is in most three-row SUVs such as the Flex, the only real access to the third row is sliding, folding and / or mirrors one of the outer seats in the second row. If a car seat is installed in the exterior, there are limited opportunities to. Always on the third row

Option 1: It could be a child-safety seat in the second row and fold, slide, flip to remove and / or tumble the seat forward. Then let the kids climb into the third row, fold the second row again and then install the child safety seat and hope that your children will not repeat swear words used when filling have this maneuver.

Option 2: You could have third-row seat on the step bench with their dirty, germy shoes and then the legs fold like an Olympic hurdler and catapult on the bench in the third row. Note: This only works with the children small enough to squeeze between the top of the seat and the headliner.

Option 3: If you are only a third-row passengers, you can keep half of the third row folded flat and then have your child get into and out of the car through the cargo hold and hope nobody calls on the authorities to report that you ' again lock your children in the "tribe".
Option 4: You can get a captain's chairs.

Sure, you might think you will lose a valuable additional seat by is small with the captain chairs, but this seat. My third daughter, who is caught regularly in the middle position of my test car 'benches says this position in most cases is too small to actually fit a person in any width. Apparently riding for a long time with one buttock on each outer belt buckle is just not comfortable.

Instead, why not do away with this useless middle seat and turn it in to a passage for easy access to the third row by captain chairs? Even if a center console between the two captain's chairs as in the Infiniti QX56, children can easily away from the console and in the third row if needed.

Another advantage of the captain chairs is that you usually much more flexibility in positioning them, so you can customize each backrest child safety seats or booster seats accommodate different sizes. And even better, it seems an innate tranquility that in a car, where siblings have their own defined space happens to a passage between the demarcation.

There are a few exceptions to the above problem. Infiniti new JX35 has a seat in the second row, but the passenger side outer seat slides forward and tilts slightly fully installed with a child safety seat. This allows the children to pass behind the seat and climb into the third row. The upcoming Nissan Pathfinder has the same function. And the Toyota Highlander offers a second row bench seat, which splits into thirds, and the center seat can be removed and stored, essentially converting the bench in captain chairs.

You and your family have a three-row SUV seats with either a bench seat or captain? If so, what are the pros and cons for your family from your chosen option? Tell us in the comments below.

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