Built-In Sunshades Are a Welcome Relief This Summer

Posted on 06. Jul, 2012 by in Auto News

We are in the middle of a severe heat wave extended across the country. Although I usually advocate for leather or artificial leather seat covers for every family car because it is easy to wipe away spills and sticky crumbs, these triple-digit temperatures, scorching leather seats pose a real security risk. Built-in umbrellas can be a lifesaver for families, and they are not just for the rich and overindulged.

The other day, I left my car in the sun for 30 minutes while picking my three girls from camp. My black car with black leather seats were. Parked outside baking under the beating rays of the 101-degree temperatures Then I invited the girls into the car, dressed in shorts and spaghetti-strap tank, only to have all three screeches and pops back out. Each surface of the car was red hot. Of the seats, the seat backs, the black nylon strap and buckle receptors

I had from my last visit to the Hyundai Azera, which help to rear and rear side sunshades, sun and bearable temperatures in. This feature is especially important for families with small children who can not verbalize always their complaints is when spoiled loaded into a car seat. Even on seemingly mild days, temperatures in the car rise dramatically. By Safe Kids USA, on a 80-degree day, it can only 10 minutes for the temperature inside a car to take to rise to 100 degrees.

A combination of power (for the back) and manual (for the rear side windows) parasols is a common feature in many luxury cars, but they can be on cars in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Of course if you do not buy a car with umbrellas or not on the market, you can easily find a deep tint of the rear window to help, or even aftermarket sucker parasols. Volvo offers even sucker blinds as accessories for each vehicle in its lineup.

For parents with kiddos in child safety seats, can help a freezable cold seat, relax the seat when not in use, even though the idea that they remember from the car, freezing, then to back it sounds in the car it would be easy get left behind. To avoid burning the girl by herself, I have. Gone low-tech and began draping beach towels on the back seat when we are not in the car

Here a number of vehicles that we were lately, are the optional built-in umbrellas to protect your little ones this summer. Have (It is not a comprehensive list, so there are probably more.) What other suggestions do you have for helping your family stay cool, comfortable and above all safe in the car during this heat wave have?

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