Classic Pickups: 1969 Chevy Longhorn Silver Streak Custom Camper

Posted on 22. Jul, 2012 by in Auto News

Richard TruesdellWikipedia defines a truck camper as "any recreational vehicle or RV, which can be carried out in the bed of a pickup. In North America, this RV type is sometimes known as a slide or cab-over." At one time, especially in the 1960s years, campers made a substantial part of the recreational vehicle market, but its popularity waned over time other campers arose mainly van-based Class C motorhomes. But the truck camper remains unmatched versatility, as the camper can be easily removed and you're with all the versatility of a conventional pickup's look at an example of this combo truck.Let left: a pristine 1968 Silver Streak Truck Camper mounted in bed an original , 37,000-mile was 1969 Chevrolet Longhorn Custom Camper.The Silver Streak Trailer Co. in 1949 by Frank and Kenneth Pollito Neptune, two former McDonnell Douglas employee who founded their knowledge of aerospace technologies to the art of building applied state-of-the-art RV. The Silver Streak trailer were positively to the better-known Airstreams.Rolf Zushlag, a senior executive of the Silver Streak, the company bought from Pollito and Neptune compared to the mid-1980s. Ultimately, he moved the company from El Monte, California to Chino, east of Los Angeles. Zushlag sat down with the production of silver lining, until the company closed in 1997.
The 1968 Silver Streak shown here is representative of the 600 Silver Streak campers in the late 60s by the company best known for its built travel trailers. His companion truck is the pride and joy of Henry Wallace, who has assembled an enviable collection of vintage RVs, pickups and cars as part of its Wallace Collection. Some of his unique vehicles predate World War II and are from the beginning of the mobile home era.The state of Silver Streak is exceptional, and the sale was in the original paperwork, including the original purchase agreement, brochures and manuals. Wallace took the Silver Streak in 2005 than it had put up for sale by a charitable organization that has taken it as a donation. The Silver Streak is 10.5 meters long and contains an over-cabin 54-inch wide bed, a fully equipped kitchen with stove and refrigerator, and a combination toilet and shower. It is a paragon of space efficiency, and in this respect has little in common with a modern 40-foot Class A diesel pusher with four slide-outs. While the Silver Streak is more of a studio apartment, a modern RV more in common with a New York City penthouse.
Wallace Longhorn Custom Camper had only 31,000 miles on it when he bought it. It is equipped with a big-block 396-cubic-inch V-8, power steering and factory air conditioning. In the time in which it was built, Wallace Longhorn Custom Camper was a fully equipped pickup. With a view on page 8 of the 1969 full-line Chevy truck brochure, we see that Chevrolet marketers – like their counterparts at Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Kaiser International – were clearly addressing the emerging RV market. In the case of Chevrolet, proclaimed the brochure "Factory installed equipment to Chevy pickups and chassis-cab units more suitable for camper service making is another way that Chevrolet will bring more efficiency in the American automotive history public. Availability of elements such as heavy-duty springs with high capacity front tires and stabilizers make it possible to move your RV with greater ease and keeps driving repairs to a minimum. "continued the brochure, truck toughness underlined with a smooth ride. In a nod to what was to come, he stressed that the availability of "low art" Four-wheel drive down a published specifications for Wallace C20 three-quarter-ton Longhorn that the gross vehicle weight for a cab-over with rear overhang is a respectable £ 7,500. The camper can be up to 10.5 meters long, and the campers themselves weigh up to 1,600 pounds. The Silver Streak companion brochure shows that Wallace 10.5-foot camper, weighs 1990 pounds, which means that with a combined £ 3,000 to designate for the campers, passengers and other devices, Wallace has to £ 1,000 for themselves, his wife and all their gear. If spoke to Wallace, he told the story, as the Silver Streak was added to his collection. After the Silver Streak in San Diego, instead found it shipped back to Kentucky, he flew to San Diego, completed the purchase, mounted the motor home, and then he and his wife drove the combo East. "The journey to the East was very interesting," he says. "Sleeping in the 54-inch cab-over bed is as comfortable as possible. You can have the top front windows and see through all things. I grew up camping in a 1968 Open Road, which had the same style, cab-over bed, and The Silver Streak brings good memories. "