J2807 Tow Ratings May Be Off For Years

Posted on 26. Jul, 2012 by in Auto News

Dear Ford, GM, and Ram Truck,

Let's have lunch.



When we reported the first truck manufacturer to standardize the tests, such as specific and maximum tow ratings are calculated, we were very optimistic. The idea was simple: Let's all tow truck manufacturer on the same page when assessing their vehicles reviews so that consumers can compare apples apples.For years, truck manufacturers a variety of test methods have been used in some cases only to allow them to be used to market the biggest and baddest number for advertising purposes. With quite a bit of guidance from the Society of Automotive Engineers committe chair and representatives of all key stakeholders who were towing J2807 standards and practices (for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight up to 13,000 pounds), as we understood, discussed, agreed and released.Now The only hurdle is figuring out how and when to implement the standards of each manufacturer. When we saw the process, the committee made up of representatives of both understood made Car and trailering industries, agreed to start with the J2807 test procedure for 2013 model-year vehicles. In this way, every purchase of a truck from the model year 2013 or later would be able to equal tested compare towing figures against one another, the smartest (and safest) purchase.Not to make long ago showed GM new tow ratings for its long list of 2013 model year configurations for light-and heavy-duty models, based on the methods of testing shown in the J2807 standard. Toyota deserves special mention, because they are the J2807 standards quite a bit earlier than any other manufacturer, under a pretty good hit rate in tow ratings, mainly due to certain Tundra models.The truth that likely ratings for all producers a decided to take on certain models are hit because J2807 makes some important questions related to temperatures, speed and runs with certain accessories. Several tests can be achieved at a minimum speed without overheating issues – a big task for some drive and ring-and-pinion combinations, we would advise. Regardless of how sophisticated the new tests are to be taken and to complete, at some point on this tow rating committee must have some sort of agreement – maybe it's somewhere in the minutes – what would exactly model year, this new standard is required. The committee was designed specifically for truck buyers to give them a chance to compare, in any way, and the maximum specific tow ratings in a fair way with the competition. Consumers should have priority. But all that seems to have changed, for now. We're not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way lost SAE control exactly when J2807 was to take effect. In fact, not long after GM announced its 2013 tow ratings, they were retired. GM said that if everyone did not use the same process at the same time there was no point in using the new method at this time. Ram seems off to keep up with his J2807 figures as well.
As we understand it, is Ford with the J2807 standard, if there is a significantly revised trucks from 2013, which means that the next F-150 and Super Duty is to use this "new" standards if these new trucks are designed and released offers. Maximum tow ratings have always been a valuable key selling point, especially in the HD truck segment for vendors and dealers to separate their products from the competition, as important as horsepower and torque numbers. So it should probably come as no surprise that this issue causes so much anxiety, especially for marketing and advertising departments. We understand there are many facets to this issue. Certainly it brings truck manufacturer in a potentially awkward situation, come to market with a new truck, the less traction than the exact same car, that could have the exact same dealer sold last year. In some cases, the truck will look perhaps even identical, too.There 's no question that it will settle some time for all the numbers, once the decision is made to convert to the new standards by all the cards on the table take, and we can of it there are some significant drops may be suitable. But as it seems, not some truck manufacturers are the consumers enough credit, especially intelligent truck consumers, there are new requirements now understand.

Sure, it might mean that someone not be able to brag about being the max tow rating champ in an advertising campaign, but each truck engineer will be used to be able to that the new (much nicer) location for the next stage of this race. If PickupTrucks.com proves anything, it is that it intelligently (and passionately) conversation about HGVs and how they compare to be, and if someone wants to get in the way of that, it's a problem. Let us not lose sight of the real issues here: the people who buy trucks.

Maybe there is a way to get all those interested can back on the table, so they get implemented these tow rating standards of all, as soon as possible. We will also pay for the food, no matter how long it takes! Let's done so truck buyers can buy the right truck for their needs.