Review: 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera S – Track and Field

Posted on 03. Jul, 2012 by in Auto News

Imagine it is 1998 and you are the successful CEO of a company that makes, oh, I do not, jewel cases for CDs. Business is booming and your four-year-old 911 Carrera Coupe is not quite the paradigm of project you want. They are to move at the time, and there has come a new modern 911th

Key in hand, go to your local dealership and Por-shuh … what the hell that Thing?

Flash forward to 2012 and your company makes an app now for some variety: iPaintswatch or such nonsense. You minting money at $ 0.99 per download, and your '08 silver on black C2S is due replacement – your partner just bought himself an R8 and easy Must LED daytime running lights have to keep up appearances.

You go back to that same dealership – which is now equipped with a cappuccino machine – squeeze past four and three Cayenne Panamera and feast your eyes on the latest 911 …

Well first of all, my eyes! The goggles do nothing! This (awful) color is Lime Gold, and reminds me of the bilious color you used to be able to get the E46 M3 in. Look, the 911 coupe is not a businessman, one of Ali G Tracksuits: after the tenth person said, "Nice car, shame about the color," I thought the market research institute was part of the review over.

The view over the paint job, the new 911 long and sluggish, is smeared over this big blingy wheels. And for some reason, someone a chrome list of ingredients on the back bumper hot-glued. Again, enough with the Booyakasha.

Yet look at the smoothed, stretched and polished form of the Panamera Coupe, I'm sure you can make an educated guess as to how it is to drive to.

You guessed it right.

Jack Baruth informed that I was impressed by the new 911 at a Porsche-run press event. Not quite accurate representation: First, I was tagging along a private driver-instruction days, which was paid individually for the participants and Porsche Canada – bless their little Nomex socks – the tab covered for a few journalists to pursue teaching time in two have their cars.

Second, the 991 is not as much impress as Expectations. An extended wheelbase has to be the big six-cylinder slouching born engine hood to the middle as the world's largest Cayman, no other animal that, it is a 3.8L direct injection mill against the reins surges when the rpm four thousand arms, each of its 400 horses a thoroughbred.

Not that you will ever see the thing: pop the hood and all you look is what seems to be the fan of a desktop PC. Attention! Fiddling vis ze engine prohibited!

With front track widened to improve bite and enough aluminum in the body qualifies as a tinfoil hat that is 991 so an easy car to drive fast: brake later, to make aggressive, power-on before. The electric steering is perhaps a touch less communicative than the 997's, but the difference has been over-reported – it's still good enough to Audi's engineers threw themselves from Ingolstadt parapets.

The 991 flows through the corners in a fluid manner, as velvety as the Scotch burr my driving instructor. Later in the afternoon, his son will be to me the curbs sturming Panzerkreig in the Panamera GTS. Here through the chicanes as a Steelhead scroll through a riverbend. Smooth, smooth, smooth, quickly. Loaded on this sodden, debris trail, I am relaxed and confident: Any idiot could this thing go fast. Any idiot in fact, is.

Wonderful stuff, but better than a $ 60K Cayman R? I think not. Then again, take the 911 on the road – where I little brother bookend seat cushions and twitchy wet weather behavior liabilities be found here through the week, begins the 911 justify its price tag.

The new body is like the cockpit of an executive jet button-adorned and so feels like a business jet. 911 has always been expensive, here is one that does not have, you will scare your passengers extrajudicial speeds by explaining the costs.

Street noise is halved from the 997th I seethe home on a busy night highway, very pregnant woman at my side. Both of us are a little tired from a hot afternoon on a summer wedding, and the 991 is firm but forgiving. A very pleasant place to be. She nods. I feel rested.

Slopes, is that a tunnel before?

Windows down. Open sunroof. Sport Plus. Sport exhaust. Manual PDK. Bang bang bang on the downshift – a stab at the go-pedal and the tiles echo like crying honk of a flat screen six. Brake rod. Brake rod. Brake, Stitch.

She rolls her eyes. I giggle. And yet …

You want to track performance? The 991 has a button for it. You want to drive a smooth and cosseting road? There is a button for it. You want to act like a loon or leave a start-stop system, which is so quick to sit at a traffic light with your engine and still blow the doors off 95% of what is rolling around you? Buttons for both.

You want a visceral, emotional connection? Where the hell is the button?

Everyone likes to talk about the 911 evolution, gradual progression of an engineer, every year, a slight improvement. Really though, there are separate one.

If you think the 911 should be a small volume, hand-built car that is dedicated and ruthless mechanical, then good news. The toughness that Porsche built in the Air Force air-cooled means that even produce a moderately-preserved example of a good daily driver.

There are seasons of specialists for these vehicles, spare parts warehouse with care packages, and while the air-cooled cars can have their dynamic and ergonomic quirks, they are easy to drive in modern traffic management, even in less-than-ideal conditions. Buy one and you will also enjoy a depreciation curve as horizontal as the Bonneville Salt Flats is.

But after 1998, the 911 was something else. No longer the car, which burst forth from the beetle pupa, it is about the everyday sports car, an instrument of speed. As capable on the track as it is on it everyday Each successive generation has been faster, more flexible, more capable.

The difference between an air-cooled 911 and the current 991 is the difference between a finely crafted mechanical clock and an iPad. The clock is one thing and does it well. The iPad does everything and does everything better than the clock.

But the clock is not only a clock, while the iPad is only a very nifty tool. The craftsmanship that went into the production of the clock no longer exists, and it is irreplaceable. The iPad is only as good as the latest update, and like Apple, just a few months in and Porsche has already released a version that is improved very slightly.

It is the best Porsche yet. The best 911 of all time. A technical marvel and a masterpiece of engineering and one of the finest pieces of machinery ever made. It is probably the best car I drive is the year.

And I do not want one.

Porsche Canada provided tested the car and insurance and comping the aforementioned on-track driver instruction day. Photos of Kieran McAleer where noted.