Capsule Review: 1993 Mazda RX-7

Posted on 14. Aug, 2012 by in Auto News

Bribery! While TTAC a Get Behind Me Satan approach to buffet table and the press banquet, we are still most vulnerable to kryptonite attract interesting cars.

So if Mazda would called me and asked if I like to try a little of their driving heritage in blatant PR move, I said huffily them that I did not help his in good conscience continue to polish their brand image complicit as manufacturers sporting products. I reminded her that I was the Mazda2 too slow, the Mazda3 too ugly thought the Mazdaspeed3 the poorer torque possessed as a one-legged unicyclist, the cabin draw the designed MX-5 for people with short legs and prehensile elbow, and that they do not once build a Wankel engine will not, so what was the point?

Of course I said all these things in my inner voice while before the 3.7 nanosecond pause, "OohyespleaseWhencanIpickitupHowaboutnow?"

Who's ready for some yellow journalism?

I was fifteen when the RX-7 bowed. Fifteen and up in the hills of Ryder Lake, a good half-hour's drive from most of my friends-locked countries. I had to drive the technical capability for years, just not legal, and the view from my learner's permit danced on the horizon, as alluring as the women in Playboy magazine Bzzt. Victoria's Secret Bzzt. Sears catalog- thing!

Meanwhile, the hard-working people of Nippon were building some of the hottest machines ever come from this country: the last samurai the twilight of the Japanese automotive empire.

The NSX Ferrari put on notice. The 300ZX Twin Turbo wanted to play hide and seek with the Corvette. The twin-turbo Supra MKIV strode the land like a colossus, and – you were a fan of Queen's "Fat-Bottomed Girls" – it was always the all-wheel-drive Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4.

The Japanese had all gone completely bonkers supercar: Rename a manufacturer and they had a heavyweight in the ring. And then came Mazda and a slight * pop * heard my fifteen-year-old brain exploded.

Even now, even in this somewhat lurid hue, this car is beautifully proportioned. It is old enough to drink (at least in this country is it), and yet, when the leaves had the first FT-86 concept to come to reveal this form would have cheered any strong. Followed by my could-care-less-about-cars woman him through the traffic as I stopped, she said: "I can not believe it's not a new car!"

Me neither, although this is an indication of is deleted. No surprise 90 Mazda owners, the color on my old MX-6 certainly pales by Testa Rossa to General Lee.

Apart from the color, it's brand new in the basic research, trim with the original lightweight 16 "alloys, and pop-up headlights. This car was sitting in the lobby of the Mazda headquarters in Ontario somnolent for some time and has only 20,000 miles on the clock . we show it some coastal hospitality.

Forget the modern exterior – the interior of the machine is pure 90s – it's Ace of Basic, if you will. Cloth seats cramped, and a lack of facilities: the steering wheel does not adjust and you get only the most basic teachings. Fortunately, I was easily able to install satellite navigation system and Internet connectivity …

Everything is ready! Apart from the mirror adjustment controller. And one of the speakers. And if you go around a corner too fast, fills the radio head unit resets itself and the cabin with scratchy static. "The air conditioning works!" As I was proudly told, when I picked up the car – it does, but only in a way Neville Chamberlain. However, they are only flesh wounds of time.

And nothing compared Power not work in this beautiful little temperamental machine. The explosive potential of what is under the hood is legendary makes the twin-turbo rotary engine, the fragility look Royal Doulton depleted uranium. I hope those who do not always this thing in front of me did from cheap and fill it with regular.

I enjoy the car through the first few miles, they could get up to operating temperature. It really smell the 90s here – an unidentifiable plastic miasma that is exactly like my old Mazda. There is a touch of the past, a techno version of horsehair and vinyl, which always fogged all the old fogies.

The needle on the temperature gauge reads 3/4s of "H" – Operating according to the instructions. It is 50 clicks to my house, I gas tank full, half a working stereo needs, it's sunny, and I have my sunglasses.

Hit it.

Listen children, not your hero. *
* – If you happen to come hero, all 31 flavors ass.

There's an old Monty Python sketch, John Cleese, who has taught a class called something like, Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit. At one point, Cleese shouts "at me with that banana!" I'll be in Vancouver with this banana.

The FD RX-7 chassis is brittle, sequential turbo 13b has 255hp (at least at that time, as new), and the car weighs only 2800 pounds. It has designed a suspension with the help of the 1990s supercomputer (wow!), a limited slip differential, four-channel anti-lock brakes and traction control system in the form of four round black things called "tires", the traction. If they cry not too busy.

The low-end power from the smaller turbo provides slingshot torque has to ask me if I do. Bother dipping into the big push Oh go, then. The rotating noticeable pauses in front of the larger fan comes online – alarming in view of the reputation and the questionable origin of the fuel, but it pulls strongly, blitzing the driveway and howling through a tile-walled tunnel.

I sit deep, snugged in tight through the reinforced seats and steering wheel fixed. It feels very much like a long-nosed Miata with a quite satisfying engine (the start humming is absurd sci-fi), and it can and will hit the side when tossed in a corner in a way that would have the entire Initial D cast eat their improbable hairstyles envy.

It is raw and elemental and Whoopsy daisy-fast, and everything I had hoped it would be. Every chance I get, I'm there behind the wheel Unmellow yellow, attack on the wave-like asphalt with Christ in heaven, I'm out of gas AGAIN?

What killed the RX-7? Well, has the tendency to go by sealing strips can not be helped, nor the astronomical price (this cost about $ 45K new, the money is in the 1990s about 100 million billion dollars). What kills driving an order today is the fuel consumption. Actually, scratch that: You can argue that the RX-7 oil economy gets, but when it comes to the use of gasoline, you can not really the word "economy". It is fuel uneconomy.

In the short week I had it, this thing cost me about $ 20 to drive with a value of 94 octane gasoline for every 30 miles I did. The 'vette I currently have is doing much better. Solution: swap in an LS7 for fuel savings – that's the kind of hybrid I can behind!

Nevertheless, if the RX-7. A brief look at a lost time While the GT-R can be said to bear this world's best torch for Japan, it is the antithesis of the RX in many ways. It's a different kind of dream, a different group of engineers – you might as well compare a katana cruise missile.

To buy expensive, unreliable, own, expensive to keep on the road and borderline dangerous in the wet.

In other words, absolutely fantastic. I miss it.

Mazda provided the vehicle tested and insurance.