Car Backseats to Avoid

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Car buyers often without families overlook the back seat. It can empty weeks to go at a time, jump across to friends for this trip through the city and find out Johnny has shiny new ride a back seat best suited for food, coats and hobbits. No one expects a two-door sports car, or provide too much space at the back, so we have cars that picked up as they look decent room should … not. When Johnny Got dibs in one of these, call for the front seat immediately. Find us thank you later.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu
There is a tendency to walk among midsize cars, and it has the ever-increasing rear seats. The Honda Accord and VW Passat are a prime example, adults can sit open even with a laptop in the back of the VW. Unfortunately, GM does not have the memo. The Malibu has 36.8 inches of rear legroom, which is 2.1 inches less than a Toyota Camry, let alone the Passat. Reality deceives the numbers. The Malibu has comparable information on the redesigned Nissan Altima, but we would take the Altima, the larger bank every day. The Chevrolet rear seat sits low, has has a large floor hump and undersized property for your legs and knees. Mosey front: In the back seat department, the Malibu is maladroit.

2012 Ford Fiesta
The Fiesta has a mediocre fifth place in our small car-car shootout last March and his narrow back seat was a big reason why. Not all small cars are the same: the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris boasts livable space, while the Nissan Versa is downright generous. The Fiesta is the segment of extra-small selection. Rear legroom is a scant 31.2 inches, which is almost 6 inches just before the Versa. Her knees in the front seat, her hair mops the ceiling, their feet towards the center floor hump jam dig. The name may say, Fiesta, but there is no party there again.

2012 Hyundai Tucson
The Tucson actually has respectable backseat room. Dimensions comparable with the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4 But the seat is not as many competitors do, adjust, and it sits very low to the ground. The door frame scallops below what can make for noggin hitting exits. The biggest offender is driving the SUV, which is a choppy mess for every riding in the back. Hyundai tries to address this topic with successive updates for the latest generation of the shock absorbers, but we hardly noticed a difference. Bounce your way to the front seat if you can.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
If Jeep Wrangler extended almost 21 inches and added a second pair of doors, Wrangler fans rejoiced. A Wrangler for four! Well, not so much. Most of the extra length went to cargo capacity, with rear legroom up only 1.6 inches above cluttered back seat of the two-door Wrangler. Headroom is good, but leg room in the Unlimited is still in … limited supply of high seats but short cushion. Play up your trail guide download credentials, off road app, do what it takes for the driver to push you to front-seat status.

Lexus IS Sedan
The IS does not have enough back seat – something that, say, has not Lexus CT 200h hybrid hatchback. But it's just so tight. (Less than a Honda Civic Coupe) with only 30.6 cm of rear legroom, the IS is a squeeze. The rear seats sit too low, dig your feet in the backrests of the front seats, and an enormous floor hump shares the meager footwell. Only the cruelest driver would cram into five people, which would mean a poor sap has to slouch on the elevated center position. Do not be that guy. Get forward.

Mazda says 36.2 inches of rear legroom, but the numbers deceive. The Mazda3's rear seat is narrower than competitors such as the Kia Forte sedan, Volkswagen Jetta, Honda Civic and Dodge Dart. Adults legroom and foot space will find little space. Many compact cameras have reasonable rear seats, but Mazda does not make one of them. It is an affordable car, at least, so that the driver may open for cheap bribe to get you front-seat rights.

Toyota FJ Cruiser
To 9.2 centimeters longer than a Ford Escape, the FJ Cruiser the size would make you think the back seat should fit adults, or last great kids. It does not work. Editor-in-Chief Patrick Olsen had trouble mounting his children through the FJ rear-hinged doors, and once inside, they complained nonstop – doing more than usually children – about the limited spaces. It is a cave-like environment, as FJ massive C-pillars swallow most visibility. You're not a caver. Snag the front seat before it is too late.

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