Living with MyFord Touch on a 3,500-Mile Road Trip

Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 by in Auto News

Ford's MyFord Touch to repeat questions and they say if you live with the system, you'll love it. They say that would be 80% of Ford owners with the system would recommend to others.

My family and I stayed with him for two weeks. Let me be clear: we do not love.

Some of the topics that were widespread, as it still debuted on the 2013 Ford Flex, though it supposedly have updated software. Our topics:

  • The system shut down and restarted on us. Twice. In one afternoon. Without warning or explanation. The first time we were driving through rural Wisconsin. Get if we deduct the street some fuel and a soda, the screens were topsy-turvy. What I mean is, the navigation system can not change perspective could (I could not get a view of going closer or further away) and satellite radio screen showing the preset buttons, but no longer shows which station has been programmed on the button. Finally, the screen went blank and then restart the system. Later in the afternoon, when we were leaving and looking for the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and a restaurant in the area, the screen went blank again. In Ford defense, the temperature moved outside the car around 100 degrees, but when you consider how many computer chips are in each car and how few of those who failed in the hundreds of temps, it seemed like a be particularly bad, especially since I really the nav system used in an unfamiliar area.
  • The nav system also had problems with simple mathematics. I MyFord Touch is Waypoint option, which tells you how long it will take. To a point in your route to your destination as well as a couple of times to get during our long journey Waypoint at least twice gave us information impossible. He told us that we were 54 minutes from our final goal, and we arrive at 5:33 clock Unfortunately, it was after 05.33 clock when we read that. It was not a time zone issue as much as we can say, it was just wrong.
  • One of the great things in the Flex was the multiple USB ports, so that we could every iPhone and iPod Touch devices calculate. The downside? Every time someone is connected to a new device, MyFordTouch decided we wanted to listen to music on this device. And with that decision MyFord Touch would tell us that we keep our eyes on the road. My solution? Do not get MyFord Touch the selected device automatically change the driver can decide what's going to listen to the stereo.
  • Also a musical problem: The Bluetooth audio streaming worked great sometimes, so I change myself and skip songs using the steering wheel controls, and other times, they forced me to use the commands on my iPhone. It was completely arbitrary.
  • Time delay in the selection of commands on the touch screen continues to be a problem. At first, you hit a "button" (I use quotes because it really is a touch-screen) several times and then see that you have turned on again. By the decisions because of your lack of patience Later think you have become wise, you hit a button and wait until something happens – or not. In any case, the driver will spend much too much time looking at the screen and not the road.
  • The navigation system also suffers from the same mistake of many, if not most, nav systems: the inability to understand that left turn lanes exist rather than that you, "a legal U-turn" to get to your destination, come the inability just find addresses for shops and restaurants, is cut off by as little as a few hundred feet, as much as half a mile and an input system, the logic and reason.

It is possible that we drivers (and journalists) blunted by being with each new gee-whiz gadget as exposed out there, but if I'd use this system again on a long-distance trip, I would find some applications for my smartphone The jobs that I could not leave to chance.

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