Review: 2013 Dodge Dart SXT Rallye

Posted on 17. Aug, 2012 by in Auto News

You have to Sergio Marchionne credit for at least one thing to give: He is a master negotiator. The Italian-Canadian FIAT General Motors exec bluffed not buy into paying $ 2 billion for the right to the Italian company. He went to a majority stake in Chrysler to earn any cash. Instead, deliver the agreed FIAT automobile manufacturers, hollowed out by Daimler and Cerberus, with drives and platforms. Three years after this deal, Chrysler introduced the first car for North America around FIAT offal developed compact Dodge Dart sedan (pre-production review).

Take a Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback, stretch and expand, add a trunk, and you. Somehow end up with a car that would aesthetically fit right into the late 1990 Dodge Lineup The bloated front clip and clean, rounded surfaces are reminiscent of those of the Avenger sedan, with a touch of the second-generation Neon. But the relative of the car is pure 2012, so there is a lot more metal over the wheel arches, as you have found on a circa-2000 Dodge. Perhaps the Dart will look right in R / T form (this fall). The SXT rally wheels, although 17 inches in diameter appear undersized. That said, those who might find the styling of the Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra overwrought of Dart prefer the simpler forms.

Parts of the Dart inside seem like dated, with the center console and the console by the organic shapes and non-flush faceplates marked a 1990 Pontiac. Other parts, especially the reconfigurable LCD instruments in the upper trim levels, and the large 8.4 "" Uconnect "touch screen could no longer current. Then there's the grille over the speakers that looks like it belongs in a different car another continent, if not another planet. adjusted This conglomeration padded pretty good in the upper trim levels, with the hood over the instruments, the upper IP Surround is lit in red, and additional splash of color are on the door panels and seats. The exterior is in a dozen colors, while the interior in 14 trim combinations, both numbers will be offered well above the current segment norm. For some reason, though, were all the cars I saw on dealer lots drably furnished in black or worse, gray. Materials quality is pretty good, with comfortable arm rests among the many soft-touch surfaces, but is not quite on that. in a Ford Focus or a Chevy Cruise

Drop-down. In the driver's seat and the first thing you notice is that you do not drop down very far Compared to the Focus or cruise, you sit high in the Dart-another aspect of the car, the more than 2000 today. Even the base Dart has manual rel adjuster on both front seats, but only the shortest people are likely to employ. That would be good for the visibility-if the dashboard is not very deep and raked A-pillars were not something thick and steep. I drove the dart on a hot day, and the amount of heat radiating from the top of the IP loaded the A / C. The rear visibility could have A in the case for mandatory rear-view camera. A good with lines that trace the path the car packed with a 8.4-inch screen.

The Dart, the front seats, though not deprived lateral support, feel slightly positive as crowded. Compresses the German flavor of the recent Ford and GM is missing here, perhaps because FIAT if European, not German. Like the Focus and Cruze, and unlike that in the Americanized VW Jetta offers the Dart the backseat feels barely enough head and legroom for six-foot-tall passengers and their pillows undersized.

The new Dodge Dart base engine is a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine good for 160 hp. Spend $ 1,300 and receive a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine good for … 160 horsepower. But the engine is increased significantly torquier at medium speed, 184 pound-feet at 2,500 rpm vs. 148 at 4,600. Also, the 2.4 is the power of the R / T has less twist (171 Pfund-Füße@4.800) if more power (184). This is what the data sheets, anyway. On the road, the 1.4T feels soft south of 3,000 revolutions per minute. The car of the portly, middle-class sedan-like 3,200-pound curb weight does not help, but a variant of the same engine must also north of 3k in the 2,500-pound FIAT 500 Abarth for any semblance of alacrity are spun. This engine is offered with a six-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission, but intro was only with the three-pedal variety. The third pedal leaves much to be desired, packed with little feedback only near the tip of his long, spongy travel. The shift lever is too long of throw and a bit clumsy, but is navigable except for a metal button, the finger-scorching temps warmed in the sunlight.

The Dodge Dart deserves FIAT five percent of Chrysler by the government more than 40 miles per gallon in the EPA tests, before adjustments to make realistic figures on the window sticker. The window sticker numbers are not very impressive with the 2.0: 25/36 with the manual gearbox and 24/34 with the automatic. The 1.4T with the manual is better, 27/39, but still below the segment best.

The Dart chassis behaves well, with decent balance, moderate slim and minimal float or slop. Nevertheless, the loss is not as tight as in a Ford Focus or even a Buick Verano. Between this, a feedback-free electric-assist power steering and the always evident mentioned heft of darts missing the character of a precision instrument. A connection between car and driver proves elusive. Those that isolation is satisfied. The Dart rides softer