Capsule Review: 2013 Corvette 427

Posted on 04. Sep, 2012 by in Auto News

Neil Armstrong died on 25 August this year, and the nation mourned, twice as much. First, for the man, and secondly, what he was: hero, explorer, a symbol of a time when all that was best in America on a column of smoke and flames rose dancing in the sky.

The astronauts, of course, drove all Corvettes. GM gave a white '62 for the first high-flyer Alan Shepard on his return to Earth, then a Florida dealer made available subsequent year lease deals astronauts sit behind the wheel of the latest models – clever PR safe, and yet it seemed a perfect fit. During the first 'Vette Piper Cub were as Bell X-1, were those who were piloted by the likes of Gus Grissom and Alan Bean could produce the Right Stuff, the fastest and most efficient machines America.

Sixty years after GM built the first Corvette (and about 56 since she got the recipe right), here we are with a probe to Mars, and it is a robot with a sarcastic Twitter feed. Heroes are rare, the cult of celebrity now sheds light on the kind of people you would cross the street to avoid. And like the Corvette?

The Convertible is the latest failure for the C6 'Vette in production since 2005, the sixth generation Corvette is now almost completely overshadowed by the strong sales Camaro. Rumors about the C7 flit over the Internet at a speed of conjecture, but if you would count the click-check I had more attention should be drawn by war correspondence about the struggle between the ridiculously powerful supercharged pony cars.

Yet there is no denying the old girl is a stunner. It's not really a Z06 convertible, more of a Grand Sport with extra add-ons such as carbon fiber body parts. Nor between the huge alloys and serving platter brakes, power bulge in the hood (also carbon fiber), and those two gray-blue stripes on the ethereal white body, you can tell this car is something very special: a paved speedboat .

It is, per expectation, like plastic than Heidi Montag left breast. Push the rear bumper for easy flex makes some alarming It makes little sense that this car precision machined or eternity is built.

But then the rules of the Corvette-dom. 'Vettes are a big Chevy V8 front, rear-wheel-drive the back, thin body in between and a lamentable interior on the inside. Speaking of which …

It do not mean to complain the inside of a C6 Corvette overmuch. Everything you've heard over the last eight years, is true – the navigation system is outdated, the quality of materials seems equal to the price tag, and there are a number of minor annoyances. The top, for example, has a manual lock, which is a bit fiddly and the power-folding mechanism spared several times.

But we know all this. We had set out these shortcomings us over and over again until they are gospel. Corvettes are fast, but they are sticky. You are rude. One day the C7 could correct deficiencies, but the C6 is not simply measure up to European standards. Right?

Somehow, sitting in the 427, none seems to play these "truths" role. The way it looks from the outside, the inside feels like a cigarette boat. Yes, the seats more comfortable than well fed, but that's a tram, not a track-special coupe.

Already feeling melt away prejudices, I push in the clutch and press the start button of a rectangular later. Two minutes later, no idea what one Corvette could far behind a cloud of burnt hydrocarbons left as the 427 shows clearly what it is.

This is a wonderful car. Absolutely wonderful. It is not only extremely powerful, with the Z06 offers seven-liter mill 505hp, but there is little to nothing away from the experience.

Sure, all this power used by large, sticky Michelin Pilot Sport, and the balanced chassis suspended based on the hyper-adaptable and ICP confusing Magnetic Ride Control, but the 427 is anything but buttoned-down. Full throttle in second gear, feel the chassis greed and hear the change, because the plume grab harassment three thousand revolutions per minute, and open the 'Vette shouts his battle cry.

A 80s-style heads-up display rolls over green illuminated numbers at a ridiculous pace. If you are accustomed mph, you will think you have switched over to metric. If you're used to metric, you will think that you are looking at one hundredth and tenth on a stopwatch.

The 427 rushing along the driveway with the unstoppable thrust of a Saturn V. Without a roof, there is nothing to dampen the thunder of uncorked LS7; come from the loud pedal and the resulting crump-crump sounds like an echo of distant artillery. If you do this thing go through a tunnel and it's not you cackle like a madman, you're probably a communist. Or dead.

All that was missing from my experience with the 911 can be found here. The 'Vette has none of the finesse of the niner, and much less functionality. But it is somehow more honest, analog, not digital – an F-14, not a flight simulator.

It is unfair to call it raw, you would not have the same name for a sledge hammer or a SPAS-12. The Corvette is simple, brutal, visceral and vital sports cars have otherwise forgotten how to be.

At the end of the production run, it's just a funny plastic car with a huge heart of pure aluminum. I love every single thing about them.

A 1967 427 Stingray once driven by Neil Armstrong is for sale on eBay right now, bid rumored to be in the quarter-million range. Ghoulishly had the car not been just a reserve when originally listed, but now it is almost certain to reach a higher number of his death.
It's a battered old thing, clapped-out and ill-treated. With the chopped-up fender flares and a patina devotion Something special, though, something worth preserving.

It's hard to imagine a modern astronauts behind the wheel of modern 427th Not that slipping the bonds of Earth takes much less courage than before, but there is less of a by-the-seat-of-your-pants air above.

These days such a thing as an autonomous car might be more appropriate. Or in view of the successful flight of SpaceX (one step closer to Weyland-Yutani), maybe a Model S?

No, this is not a car for today's scientist-explorers. Instead, there is a link back to the time, a corresponding flag bearer of the 60th Anniversary a truly exceptional car.

His replacement, the C7 is, undoubtedly, a refinement in many ways: how to sit properly in the car amenities, better electronics, reduced fuel consumption, probably faster and improved.

Hard to say, but whether in fact. Better than this, the last hurray for the sixth generation Corvette

For there is one God damn rocketship.