Pre-Production Review: 2013 Honda Accord, Part 1

Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 by in Auto News

Redesigning the second best-selling midsize sedan in America is not an easy task. It is also one that does not happen very often for fear of doing something wrong. But even with all the bad press, the new Civic, sales are booming. Apparently this is not done Honda sit on their hands but, when it came to the new Accord. Honda invited us to Santa Barbara, the all-new, smaller, 9 Generation Honda Accord try. That's a bold opening event not only with a new engine and transmission under the hood, but a completely new hybrid technology on offer as well. If you know how it goes or how much it costs like to have our Honda overlords decreed our lips until 10 must be sealed 6:00 Eastern. Set yourself a reminder and then click-through. The jump for part one

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The previous generation Accord suffered from some slightly cartoonish styling flair as "plump" headlamps and a "Jaguaresque" oblique strain. For 2013, Honda returned to a more traditional, some say calm, exterior. Unlike the swoopy styling of Hyundai and the "wannabe Camaro" tail on the Malibu, the Accord is simple and undeniably elegant. Compared to the new Fusion Thew, the Accord seems decidedly less sexy. In contrast to the other entries in this segment (except for maybe the Camry), the Accord is the family demographic play with low band-lines for better visibility for children and high roof lines for better headroom in the rear. There are of course the necessary smaller front-end tweaks to the various Accord Trim lines for differentiation. Now bears the all-new hybrid drive a very different, and oddly aggressive front end with LED headlights. During the quieter styling is not really news for Honda, the Accord are dimensions. Despite winning both cargo and passenger ships room is the ninth generation Accord almost four inches shorter than last year, and riding on a one-inch shorter wheelbase. Despite the right-sizing, the suspension changes for 2013 resulted in a slight increase in the turning circle to 38.1, more preferably greater than the Camry, Sonata, and even the Fusion.

As before, the Accord is also as a large two-door coupe. Our time with the coupe was limited, but it impresses with an expansive trunk and back seat. The options matrix is largely the same for the two-door Accord with the exception of the V6 and 6-speed manual transmission combination that is exclusive to the coupe.


The interior of the Accord is likely to be their biggest selling point. Honda knows her audience well and it shows, with a well-presented, but simply laid out interior. For 2013, Honda has not radically altered the interior, opting instead for incremental improvements on the previous model. The new dashboard is soft touch and made from a piece of plastic to reduce squeaks and rattles. The steering wheels are redesigned for improved comfort and are in most models are not worthy in Split leather trimmed Lexus. The combination of these improvements is a much quieter cabin than before, a common complaint about the 2012 model. Honda achieved a quieter ride by not only adding more foam, but the installation of an active noise cancellation system in all Accord models. The system is similar to the noise-canceling headphones you wear on an airplane.

As expected, seating comfort was great for my 6-foot, 190 pounds and under, thanks to a standard driver's seat and tilt / telescoping steering wheel, it was easy to find a comfortable seating position for a 2-hour drive. Also improves the contact points on the dashboard, doors and center console are to reduce fatigue on long trips. Despite small on the outside and a smaller wheelbase than its predecessor, legroom is a welcome by 1.3 inches and the rear trunk was from 1.8 to 13.7 cubes Total finally put the Accord has grown in line with the competition. Base model Accords are also well equipped with dual-zone climate control, automatic headlights, cruise control, rear view camera and a one-touch up / down windows for driver. Mainly because of the comfortable seats and standard gadgets, "easy to live" a phrase that comes to mind is kept.

Infotainment & Gadgets

The midsize sedan market is an interesting segment, as buyers want reliability and reduced prices for the latest gadgets. Honda has not announced pricing yet, but expect a hike of at least a few Benjamins on the base LX model. Fighting the inevitable increase is a bevy of new standard equipment includes an 8-inch infotainment screen with Honda Link. The new infotainment software is similar in function Toyota Entune and Ford's MyFordTouch systems enables smartphone app integration and voice commands. Honda has also thrown in SMS text messaging integration for good measure. In an interesting twist of Pandora Radio, and a few other functions of Apple iDevices and SMS for Android devices is limited for the moment.

More on the EX model, which is Honda's new "Road Watch" system, which uses a CCD camera in the side view mirror and shows your blind spot on the 8-inch infotainment screen. You also get keyless entry / go, and a few speakers.

More on the EX-L model or get a higher resolution 8-inch screen and a 5-inch touch screen LCD in the center of the dashboard, which acts as the primary audio control interface. The addition of the second screen, you can show audio information at the same time as the 8-inch display either the navigation screen to see (if you chose it) or any other source of information.

Honda's new infotainment software is very responsive, provides a sharp contrast to sluggish Ford Touch-screen interface. Compared to Toyota Entune system, the Honda system is well thought out a little better, more responsive and has a much larger library of voice commands. All three systems perform similarly when it comes to commanding music from your iDevices, USB stick or (optional) hard drive music library voice comes. Of course the big news on the Honda's front is that unlike Entune and MyTouch, Honda Link standard.

If your pockets know no depths to sell more Honda like the latest driver aids such as radar cruise control, LED blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lights and much more.


No new car would be complete without a completely new engine and not a completely new engine would be complete without an eco-friendly name and a new transmission. Enter the Honda Earth Dreams 2.4L four-cylinder engine and all-new Honda CVT. While I'm still not clear what the earth dreams mean, the new mill-numbers, which are important. As you would expect from a Honda engine comes 185HP at a lofty 6,500 rpm. What you would not expect it to 181-lbft torque arriving at a low 4,000 rpm. If you love something V6 coming EX-L V6 and the new Touring model with a slightly revised 3.5L V6, good for 278HP and 252 lb-ft of twist. Like last year, the V6 from Honda "Variable Cylinder Management" system, which will turn off the rear bank of cylinders when cruising on the highway offer speeds. Honda has been the system for 2013 removing the four-cylinder mode and expand the range that the three-cylinder mode operates in. be covered during the new 2.4-liter engine with either the 6-speed manual or a new CVT optimized, the V6 is only with a new 6-speed automatic in the sedan, while the 6-speed manual in the coupe. If fuel economy is what you need, the CVT is the best choice deliver 27 city, 36 highway. The 6-speed manual transmission is economy 24/34 and the V6 is the thirstiest in the crowd on 21/34 with the 6-speed automatic.

All new hybrid system

The current Accord Hybrid was an odd duck. Instead of improving the fuel consumption, Honda utilizes their IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) to improve performance. The system is lack of electric only mode and 40% lower fuel consumption than the Camry Hybrid from shoppers scratching their heads and buy something else before the Honda model euthanized in 2007. For 2013, Honda went back to the drawing board and created a completely new hybrid system from scratch. The system starts with a new 2.0L, 137PS four-cylinder engine that utilizes Honda's VTEC system to switch between a gasoline and an Atkinson profile so this the first ever, the machine I