Updated Info: GM to Ax Silverado/Sierra Hybrids for 2014?

Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 by in Auto News

Update: 05/09/2012

This is GM sent the note to us (see below) the weekend after we ran this story.

"GM is fully vetted in the development of technologies to our customers around the world use energy to help efficiently and reduce their dependence on oil required. Customer needs, changing vehicle technology, government regulations and business conditions continue and develop, so GM periodically the real-world customer benefits and affordability of technologies that we are considering for our regional and global vehicle programs.

"As a result of these reviews, some technologies are in front, pulled postponed or canceled. This is a normal course of business.

"GM does not contain guidance on which technologies will be used in future vehicles."

We can not say that this is a surprise. Reports begin to filter through the continued viability of a hybrid program for the new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500th

According to GM Inside News, it had some serious, early speculation that would be the new GM full-size trucks have a smaller, more economical engines and a more powerful electric motor and battery, but lately the stores of information have dried up. GM Inside News also speculated that some of the technology can be used for models such as the Cadillac Escalade, but for the rest of the new platform lineup continues – was canceled the powertrain option – SUVs and pickups.

The V-8 pickups, better known as "mild hybrid" because of their relatively limited two-mode auxiliary electric motor skills seemed like a good solution if it came equipped for the first time on the previous generation pickups and full-size SUVs . The system could support a full battery or battery at lower speeds (Mode 1) run, but it could also help in the drive train at higher speeds (Mode 2). Through the use of the V-8 as its main power supply, towing capacities and ratings remained high enough to accommodate a lot of half-ton buyers.

Current EPA fuel economy rating for the half-ton truck (with the 6.0-liter V-8) 20/23 mpg in city / highway and 21 mpg combined were.

We know that many dealers in recent years had trouble selling these vehicles because of the modest fuel economy benefits, but traders were saddled with additional powerful sticker costs, sometimes over $ 5,000. We also know that GM can not this new technology and powertrain option put into the lineup at the start of the new truck, to wait for a year or two before revealing a newer, improved hybrid system.

The last time we were with GM said representatives of the two-mode hybrid, they were very optimistic. Using a new, built in-house electric motor, which would allow for better towing and overall performance and better fuel economy But that seems to have stopped. Of course we will also suggest that better gas mileage with a smaller trubo-diesel or turbo petrol engine has been achieved.

With the new truck by the next in the six to 10 months, which is definitely late in the process to kill to think any advanced technology. We have to wait and see what the impact could be that, if we know for sure.